Life is full of choices and I choose to support Anwar Khalifa for many reasons.  I have known ‘of’ Anwar for many years, but I have known Anwar personally for almost 14 years.  Anwar is very intelligent boasting 2 degrees from 2 fine universities. (Yes, Texas A&M is a fine University).

Anwar is approachable by all.  He will ask questions that at times are difficult but need to be asked.  He is thoughtful and listens to all sides of a discussion.

After receiving degrees in business & engineering, Anwar began a construction company in Smith county which has become very successful.  The Smith County Commissioners Court operates a $100,000,000 business.   I trust Anwar as a fiscal conservative to be frugal and thoughtful with our money.  After all, he operates a business with no debt and not many businesses can make that claim.  Anwar is a proven businessman and running the county’s business is the job of the commissioners.

I know Anwar’s heart.  He cares for our community.  He is a bridge-builder and has the ability to cross all lines.  Having worked with Anwar on local boards, I know his commitment to making Tyler and Smith County a better place for everyone.

I am honored to work with Anwar to make Smith County a better place for all.  I would ask you to look at his accomplishments and his abilities and support my friend, Anwar Khalifa for County Commissioner Precinct 2.