I have had the opportunity to know Mr. Anwar Khalifa for 20 years and had the opportunity to work with him and a wide variety of situations.  The thing I find in each and every one of those situations is that Anwar is a thoughtful, honest and straightforward person whose word can be trusted. Our paths initially crossed during an interfaith gathering after the tragedy of 911, and his words spoken made me understand that a person’s true voice and values rise to the occasion. He is both a committed conservative and an honorable representative of the community.  I have found over these subsequent years that Anwar is always providing through his words of confidence and assurance his concern for what matters to you. He speaks from a firmly grounded position of honorable actions and by following his personal values and using his skills in leadership.  In each and every opportunity to work with Anwar whether as an instructor, advisory committee member, or contractor providing skilled and on-time services you can count on the interest and sincerity you find in Mr. Khalifa.  He actually is a man of his word and as a Smith County Commissioner, you can depend on his interest in addressing your concerns or problems.  His ability to find the right solution through good insight and cooperative efforts will make him a great Commissioner for Smith County.