D. Matt Bingham (Former District Attorney)

I have known Anwar for over 20 years. He has served as a Tyler Police Department Chaplain and operates a successful home building company is this community. Anwar is not only a man of integrity, but has the experience, passion, and conservative values necessary to effectively serve as the Smith County Commissioner for Precinct 2.

Shannon Dacus

Anwar’s demonstrated commitment to this community combined with his successful business acumen make him an excellent candidate for county commissioner.

Dennis Murphy (FBI ret.)

I am a retired FBI Special Agent who was stationed in Tyler from 89-03. I’ve known Anwar for many years. I wholeheartedly endorse him for the Smith County Commissioner Court. He’s a good, good man. He volunteered to be one of the Tyler Police Department’s Chaplains who responded to most hostage crises. He’s very smart, and he cares deeply for our community.

Robert Patterson

Life is full of choices and I choose to support Anwar Khalifa for many reasons. I have known ‘of’ Anwar for many years, but I have known Anwar personally for almost 14 years. Anwar is very intelligent boasting 2 degrees from 2 fine universities. (Yes, Texas A&M is a fine University). Anwar is approachable by all. He will ask questions that at times are difficult but need to be asked. He is thoughtful and listens to all sides of a discussion. After receiving degrees in business & engineering, Anwar began a construction company in Smith county which has become very successful. The Smith County Commissioners Court operates a $100,000,000 business. I trust Anwar as a fiscal conservative to be frugal and thoughtful with our money. After all, he operates a business with no debt and not many businesses can make that claim. Anwar is a proven businessman and running the county’s business is the job of the commissioners. I know Anwar’s heart. He cares for our community. He is a bridge-builder and has the ability to cross all lines. Having worked with Anwar on local boards, I know his commitment to making Tyler and Smith County a better place for everyone. I am honored to work with Anwar to make Smith County a better place for all. I would ask you to look at his accomplishments and his abilities and support my friend, Anwar Khalifa for County Commissioner Precinct 2.

Tom Dewitt

I have known Anwar both personally and professionally for over twenty-five years. He has combined quality and energy efficiency in the homes and subdivisions he has built and been an effective spokesperson for his Faith Community, and a builder of consensus on the various boards and committees we have served. We come from different backgrounds but seek the best for our community and the nation that provides us with the freedoms and opportunities to live our lives and care for those we love. He is a compassionate conservative that I am proud to call my friend.

Laura Corbett

Anwar Khalifa served our community for the past 30 years, as a volunteer, advocate, and successful businessman. We have benefited greatly through his conservative leadership of several organizations. Anwar is a man of faith and great integrity and I am honored to support him for County Commissioner Precinct 2.

J. Torey Nalbone

I have had the opportunity to know Mr. Anwar Khalifa for 20 years and had the opportunity to work with him and a wide variety of situations. The thing I find in each and every one of those situations is that Anwar is a thoughtful, honest and straightforward person whose word can be trusted. Our paths initially crossed during an interfaith gathering after the tragedy of 911, and his words spoken made me understand that a person’s true voice and values rise to the occasion. He is both a committed conservative and an honorable representative of the community. I have found over these subsequent years that Anwar is always providing through his words of confidence and assurance his concern for what matters to you. He speaks from a firmly grounded position of honorable actions and by following his personal values and using his skills in leadership. In each and every opportunity to work with Anwar whether as an instructor, advisory committee member, or contractor providing skilled and on-time services you can count on the interest and sincerity you find in Mr. Khalifa. He actually is a man of his word and as a Smith County Commissioner, you can depend on his interest in addressing your concerns or problems. His ability to find the right solution through good insight and cooperative efforts will make him a great Commissioner for Smith County.

Paul Andrews

For as long as I have known Anwar, I have been impressed by his eagerness to build relationships that help our community. He has reached out with kindness and good nature to form friendships with people in diverse parts of our society in an effort to overcome elements of fear and prejudice and replace them with cooperation and good humor. Those efforts alone establish him as a community leader, but he is also a business and political leader. He is a man of deep faith and commitment to the well-being of others. I heartily support his bid to run for public office.

Gamal Abdel-Hafiz, FBI Special Agent (Ret.)

Mr. Anwar Khalifa has been a great supporter of Law Enforcement and Multi-Faith groups for more than 30 years. I interacted with him on many occasions, where he was very instrumental in defusing situations in the City of Tyler. He assisted Law Enforcement on many occasions where his leadership, patience, and communication abilities were key reasons for avoiding a rift within the community in Tyler. I strongly support Mr. Khalifah’s nomination as a County Commissioner in Tyler, Texas. He will be a great asset to the community there.

Soumaya Khalifa

My brother has been there for our parents as they approached their end of life! Our mother had dementia and my brother, Anwar Khalifa was there 24/7 for her and my dad. Later, our dad had health issues and my brother was there and had the responsibility as his main caregiver. He would go to dad in the middle of the night if he needed him. Anwar Khalifa is a caring, compassionate and responsible person as he demonstrated in taking care of our parents. Anwar will bring that care, compassion, and responsibility as Smith County Commissioner Precinct 2. VOTE for Khalifa!!

Blake Bailey

It is important that everyone knows what a wonderful fellow citizen and person you are. I have practiced law in this community and raised several delightful children to adulthood. You are the example I would want my family to follow.

Amina Khalifa El-Ashmawy, Ph.D.

Knowing Anwar Khalifa longer than anyone else in the world, I know he is fully dedicated and passionate about the work he takes on. With his experience and collaborations on road construction among different cities and municipalities, strong technical expertise and engineering background, and wide-ranging, long-running engagement in the community, he will do a great job as Smith County Commissioner, Precinct 2. VOTE for Anwar Khalifa!!

Joseph L. Morale

I have known Anwar for 25 years; he is loyal and dependable. He will represent all of us and will not shy away from the fight for what is right!